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I have about 10 email accts, WLM, POP, MSN, HOTMAIL, there are a ton of emails, I've started with my primary acct, its been 22 hours now, no doubt about 500 to 1000 coming through and  more emails in the folders I had created within wlm I hope they are coming thru to the IMAP folders,  I've been patient,  I am following firedogs post which I printed out

Is this normal?

Protocol: IMAP
   Port: 993
   Secure(SSL): 1
   Code: 800cccd1

Would I be better off time wise to create  new email accts for some of my other email addresses and would I have the ability to save the older emails to view in wlm?

I don't want to use outlook

I have read about thunderbird and mentioned here in topics there is another new email service,  will thunderbird etc.  take this long to download emails, can they use my msn , wlm, etc. addresses or will they want the new imap config., the way its going so far for 1 email address to download imap folders could be a 3 day or more affair for me.

Thanks in advance

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