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Some facts...

In preview mode, all looks good. When I save it, photos look terrible! Audio is fine.

1. My photos are hi res.....2322x4128. I have approx 160 photos 

2. I try to save in Hi def...terrible photo quality in finished product regardless of save as mode of quality

3. I have lowered the res of photos to 1280x720, saved and it looks better but photos are smaller in size

4. I want to save using hi res photos..looks better

Can I do this? Also, I have tried the same thing with NCH Video Editor..same problem. Preview mode looks great, but saved hi def file, mpeg4 or avi looks horrid.

This tells me possibly it's my computer? Codecs? Drivers? I have examined all the info on this Forum....is it just that I can not save as with hi res photos? If not, what software will? 



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