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Peter, I hate to bother you, but I use Windows Live Mail .  Until recently, I have had absolutely no problems with my email account; however, recently I intermittently have trouble receiving my emails from the server.  It will continue to connect, say authorizing, then drop out.  Wait a while, try again, it works.

Also, seems lately, I can not send a message from Windows Live Mail.  It sends it to the outbox and it sites there.  When I try to resend, basically the same thing.  The other day; however, I did get a message back from the server saying this account:  *** Email address is removed for privacy ***, has been disabled.  A long time ago, I had roadrunner internet and used this user ID, but I have not used it for years.  I have contacted IP and they said it is something with a setting in outlook or with microsoft somewhere.

I have search and tried to find where it might be coming from, but all to no avail.  If I go on my webmail at Spectrum.net, I have no problem sending and/or receiving.

Please don't tell me I have to get rid of Windows Live Mail, I happen to like it and have used it for years.


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