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I have Windows 7 and I downloaded Windows movie maker 2012 I believe. I was able to figure out how to separate and sync the videos audio with the video. Im going to need to keep that audio synced when I am editing the video and move the audio around a little later. But I am having a hard time editing the audio with the video because once you move the video around the audio doesn't stay put where it was synced. Is there a way to make the audio stay put where it was synced and only move with the clip it was synced with? When I try to edit the video and move it between another 2 clips and then i try to move the audio with it, the audio has moved under another clip and wont move where the video is because it wont move over the audio there like the clips do it just disappears if it doesn't fit. I am having trouble explaining this and making sense but I hope someone understands. 

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