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I want to use the 'old' version of Windows Live Photo Gallery.  Every link in all comments regarding this are no longer valid.  The Gallery I want, I think it is 20099 or 2010.  Much better to use in a myriad of ways.... straightening is better, you are not limited to specific folders to go from one pic to another and the biggest issue is Descriptive Tags. The old one had a compete list of tags that you could find anything in particular and it would bring up all pics with that tag.  Better AND easier.  I have tried for months to do what I need to do with the new one because I thought I just needed to learn.  Nope.  I learned this is not nearly as good.  A step down is what this decision to go with the new Live is; a step down.  So, if anyone knows where and how to get the older one... please... and I appreciate it.  Rene

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