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after the last update of Microsoft photos app i realize that the cropping tool is not working as it should be.

here it is some of the problem I faced in MS photos:

  1. every time I crop the frame to smaller one just in the height I realize it crops a little pixels from the left and right edges too. (this problem can be observed in taller pictures).
  2. when I decide to drag the cropping fame to a bigger size the window didn't zoom out as expected and I cant find my cropping edges unless I undo the whole process and start from the beginning. what expected is the photo zoom in/out whnever I resize the cropping frame in/out.
  3.  if I resized my cropping frame from one of the corners I find the rest of the image hid itself underneath the right tools panel. and of course the cropping frame edges will be hidden as well.

please fix or let the user choose to roolback hir updated to a stable version.

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