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Hi There
I have been using OE and WLM since 1998. I like these handy apps very much, but since 20 years ago, I wonder why Microsoft does not add a few simple features to its software. I did not find any way for requesting those features from Microsoft. Please tell me your ideas about these feature requests:
1- Optional Attachment Download: When reading emails in WLM, we cannot read the text body without downloading the full attachment. This takes a lot of time and internet traffic for downloading the attachments that are not even required to download. The email client must not force us to download big files for reading simple texts. Many people prefer to use their online mailbox via Firefox instead of using WLM, just for this reason.
2- Resume: If we are downloading an email with a big attachment, it does not support "Resume" in case of internet disconnection.
3- Multi-Session: When opening emails with IMAP account, we cannot open two emails simultaneously. For example, we click on a message with a big attachment. At the same time, we want to open another email without attachment. We cannot open the small message before waiting long for the big message to finish its download.
4- Tabbed Navigation: We cannot open email messages in new tabs instead of new windows. Sometimes we get confused if we open lots of email mesages.
5- Spam Blocking: Although WLM seems to have spam blocking feature, it never works effectively. I right-click on a message and I mark it as junk, but it still remains in my Inbox. If I increase my safety level, it starts blocking the emails of my friends and family. It does not have any feature for blocking the black-list only.
6- Restore: When we open a folder in WLM, it does not go to the last email we were already reading. This feature was contrived in WLM 2009, but it was removed in WLM 2012. It's a pity.
7- Syncrhonization: We cannot synchronize our contacts, sent items sygnatures, settings, accounts list, etc. in several computers. We can sync IMAP folders of course, but not contacts list at all.
8- Export settings: Of course we are able to export contacts in WLM, but we are not able to export our settings, contact groups, messages, etc.
9- Automatic Port Find: Thunderbird can find the numbers of our incoming and outgoing email port numbers automatically, but WLM cannot.
10- Email Sending Progress: OE used to show us email sending progress when we sent an email, but WLM does not show the progressbar automatically unless we click on "Send/Receive" twice. A blind person like me, who uses JAWS screen reader, cannot find out whether or not their emails are being sent, when they send an email.
11- Include Signature When Sending with Right-Click: Whenever we try to send a file to someone by right-clicking the file and selecting "Send To> Mail Recipient", it does not include our signature in the email.
12- Automatic Gmail Settings: When someone enters their Gmail username/password in WLM, it must not ask their incoming mail address, outgoing mail address, port numbers, etc. It must adjust everything automatically.

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