For some months now,  I have noticed that I have been receiving emails in my junk box, which show they have been sent by myself,  This not the case. I have not sent them at all.  Is this common? Are others finding the same thing happening to them in their junk mail box?  In response I have just kept deleting them from the junk mail box, whereas other junk emails I have been sweeping them and blocking them.  Can any one let me know why this is happening and what can I do about it.  I sometimes find it necessary to send myself an email, but if I swept all the emails that I have received showing that I am the sender, then I would not receive the genuine email that I need. Thanking you in anticipation ......................Angus

I have been receiving junk mail allegedly from PayPal for months. 


Finally started marking it initially just as 'junk' and later as 'Phishing Scam' which briefly stopped the problem. 


Now the same letters are arriving showing the sender as my own address (and not the only one that anyone would legitimately have on record).   I'm afraid to mark these as 'junk' as I occasionally send myself stuff from my own address and don't want to block se items I do wish to receive.


It does not appear that my account has been hacked again (as happened once before). 


What can I do to stop this harrassment and protect myself (I'm not very computer savy) from any risk from the "PenPal" site?   I should confirm that I have never used or contacted PayPal at any time.




I was wondering if we can retrieve deleted junk mail.

I was on vacation for 2 weeks and I was expecting a bunch of confirmation emails for an event.

I have the junk email filter set to exclusive so the emails were deleted. Is there a way to retrieve them by any chance?



I have been getting a mass load of junk mail lately. I have been blocking them but they are coming in with different names but the same place. Is there a way I could add something in the filtering where I can add just as an example. That way I can block them from the source where they are originating from.
Hi, I am EXTREMLY upset and frusterated!!! Ever since hotmail has turned to 'Outlook' all of my important client contact's...'inquirys' etc, keep going to my junk mail! Its affecting my busniess and how I make my income! I missed out on a VERY important job that was sent by a cleint to my Junk mail! Im CONSTANTLY sorting through my junk mail, looking for my clients! I have to look past all the POF **** and SLUT Finders junk, to find my important Emails!!! HELP immediately!!! This problem is affecting my Livelyhood!!!! KEARA GILBERT *** Email address is removed for privacy ***
I stopped receiving mail on Thursday, October 31, 2013. Nothing in the inbox and 2 pieces of junk mail. I can sign in but no mail. I am at a loss. Our whole family is on our domain email which has been routed through Hotmail since 2005. No issues during the switch to, but this issue is creating havoc with our family.

Hopefully the microsoft monitors can provide some help. If not I am going to have to find another provider.

For some reason all of my messages that are labeled "newsletter" are going straight into my junk mail - anyone know what I can do to make them go into my inbox instead?
Both my wife and I have accounts that receive mail that is automatically forwarded from another mailbox. We use differenet email providers but both of us find that there are some mails, maybe 1 in 100,  that simply do not arrive in I have tested this by setting forwarders to both Outlook and a Gmail address and by checking the mails have arrived on the webmail of the email providers. Mails arrive OK at the provider, get forwarded OK to Gmail, can be accessed by Outlook on the desktop using POP direct to the provider, but do not arrive in the mailbox.
They are emphatically not in junk mail, there are no blocked senders, and there are no rules that are diverting them. They just do not arrive. I have one contact whose mails seem to repeatedly go missing but when I asked him to do a test mail sent to both my mail and my wife's - it arrived in my wife's but not mine! Its all very strange and a bit disturbing.
It seems to me that others complain of this problem. Is it being investigated?
where do you find junk mail in Hotmail?
where do you find junk mail in Hotmail?