After a hard drive crash I re-installed windows 7 and Windows Live Mail. Now the Junk Mail filters don't work. No matter how many times I flag a message as junk it still comes through to my inbox. Before the crash a dialog box would appear telling me there was junk mail, then when I clicked on the button all the junk mail was pulled from the inbox and into the junk folder. None of that happens anymore. What can I do to avoid having to go through 60 or 70 emails every day?
I had to reinstall Win7 and Windows Live Mail. Since then I can't get the Junk mail filter to work. I used to have it set to Low and it worked fine. This time I've tried Low and High and nothing is moved into the Junk folders. Any ideas?
A couple days ago I started receiving junk mail to my inbox.  Please advise on what I can do to fix this.  Thanks!

I've replied to an another message in the forum regarding's Exclusive email filter setting not working correctly.

My issue is that I've removed all safe/blocked senders and should only be getting email from addresses in my contact list. This is blocking valid senders (e.g. Microsoft, Amazon, USAA, ...) but is still allowing spammers through. When I view details of the message I'm told that the send  is in my contact list. This isn't true.

I then looked at the message source and found that the spammers are including three From addresses:

From:gddf<*** Email address is removed for privacy ***>
From:vcb12bb*** Email address is removed for privacy ***

Note that *** Email address is removed for privacy *** is gddf ...

I have removed myself from my contact list, but it still comes through. I guess you can't omit yourself!

Maybe you can mark Spam anyone who had multiple "from" tags in their source?

Hope this helps ...

All 3 of the hotmail accounts that we have are letting JUNK mail filter into out inboxes as of a week ago.  ALL of our settings are exclusive and safe send list.  I have read a ton of these post. IS there nothing being done about this?

I already set my Junk mail filter to exclusive and yet I am still receiving emails in my Inbox from senders not part of my contact list.

I have had this account for years, and never had an issue until recently. I have rechecked my contact lists and ‘safe senders’ to insure that only persons or groups I know are able to reach my inbox. However, obvious junk is still being sent there, for example I just received an email from which is not even a valid domain…
Any suggestions would be appreciated.

In the last few days my junk mail filter has been defeated by messages with an indent before the origin line and an "a." (small "a" followed by a period).  Can anyone help?