I have Windows 8 and use Windows Live 2012 and have it set up with IMAP.  After setting up the account, I was presented with four Sent Folders, three Deleted Folders and three Junk folders. 

Deleted Folders are named Deleted, Deleted Messages and Deleted Items.  Sent Folders are named Sent, Sent Items, Sent Messages and SentMail (no space between words).  Junk Folders are named Junk, Junk E-mail and Junk Mail. 

Deleted, Sent and Junk mail are not duplicated and sent to all folders.  They are sent to one of the other. 

When I want to find a sent or deleted email, it is a nightmare.  The Sent Items/messages/sentmail folders tells date/subject/from (me, of course) but not the receipient which makes it nearly impossible to search for a sent email.   

I have an iphone and the same folders are also on my phone.  Another thing I find strange is that I have a folder in my Windows Live that is named Notes.  I did  not set up this folder, it just appeared when I created the IMAP account.   The Notes in this folder are the exact same as the notes I created in my iPhone (which has nothing to do with email) as reminders to myself.  I don't have a problem with them being in my Windows Live but wonder why and how this folder was put there.  It all is just so strange.

Thank you for any help you may be able to give to me.  (I put this post under Sending and Receiving Email because there was no other selection that described my question.)