From my understanding, the only way to put files onto your skydrive is to drag and drop them into that folder. 
Typically, when I save documents, I save them on my computer rather than on skydrive because I want to have a copy directly on my computer. However, I would like to have a document saved on skydrive as well as on my computer directly.
Instead of having to save a document on both my skydrive AND on my computer directly, is there a way to sync this? Therefore, when I save a word document for example, in a folder in my computer that same word document will automatically show up on my skydrive as well without me having to copy it there.

I guess this concept is analogous to the apple cloud.. when a photo is taken on my iphone, I can access that photo on my computer through the cloud without having to copy and paste or drag and drop said photo on my computer separately. It is there automatically.

I hope this makes sense. Please let me know how I can do this! 

Thank you.

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