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So I'm switching back to WMM (movie maker) 2011 from 2012, because I'm running windows 7 ultimate and when I'm finished editing and go to save, I select "Burn to DVD" and it saves in ".WMV". From there, DVD Maker opens a new window and allows me to customize my DVD menu, but when I'm finished and ready to burn to the disk, I want to preview it. But when I do, it shows a black screen and I can hear the audio play. So I ignore it and continue to burn to the disk, only to get the same outcome as the preview, black screen and only audio. Remember I'm running Windows 7 ultimate and using WMM 2012. My question is "If I uninstall WMM 2012 and then install WMM 2011, can I still use my "project files" from the 2012 version on the 2011 version ? And I can burn a DVD with picture and sound using Windows DVD Maker ? I have unfinished projects in WMM 2012 that I would like to finish and burn using WMM 2011. Is that possible ? Thanks for your help !!!

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