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I have a strange email icon showing in my Junk folder for Windows Live Mail. This icon seemed to have appeared after what I thought I was doing was deleting about 15 or more junk emails. What I had done was selected the 15 or so emails by clicking on one, and then pressing the 'shift' key on the on-screen keyboard to select the rest. After that, I right clicked on the selected files, and clicked on the 'Delete' option in the menu. Well, I don't know if I clicked on something else besides the 'Delete' option or not, but as soon as the menu closed, all the files that had been selected had not only the strange icon beside them, but all of them had also acquired an 'attachment' (paperclip) symbol in the attachment column.

This is a .png image of files and how they appear in the junk folder:

The two emails at the bottom are normal, and this is how the other files appeared before I tried to delete them. This strange icon can be changed to the 'read' icon (open envelope) by right clicking on any of them and selecting 'mark as read'; but that is all I seem to be able to do with them. I cannot open them. I get a message box saying: "A problem occurred while trying to open the message." A problem has occurred. Please try again." When I try to delete any of them, I get a message saying: "An unknown error has occurred", or even if I try to move any of them to the 'Deleted items' folder or the 'inbox', I get the same message and then a follow-up message saying: "The selected message could not be moved. There was a problem. Please try again.".

I really don't know what this symbol symbolizes, because I have never seen it before; but it seems to be some kind of 'seal' on the envelope, and it cannot be opened or moved or deleted. 

If there is any information on this type icon for Windows Live Mail, I would like to know what it is.

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  1. Jeremy Stewart says:

    I have exactly the same problem with junk mail emails in Windows Live. By continually marking one of them read and unread I did manage to eliminate just that one a few days ago. The problem appeared on the 1st of June and produced six emails with one extra appearing today. Some of the “from” names appear reasonable but give occasion for doubt as to their origin. They cannot be opened and do not exist in Outlook so it’s almost as if some spam source is leaving a marker somehow. It’s a nuisance rather than a major problem but it would be good to know whether the problem is recognised and whether these “virtual” emails can be eradicated somehow.

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