I have 3 Macbook Airs & 2 Macbook Pros with Retina and a 13" macbook Pro with a Fusion drive installed. 
all these are running 10.9 except 2 MBA with is running 10.8

when working with most files all users are getting the spinning wheel, mainly the users running 10.9 
Outlook on the 10.9 & 10.8 machines get the spinning ball when trying to print and the first time an email is open. 
The MBA running 10.9 has resorted to using webmail as using outlook has become such an issue for them. 

I will note that we are running MS Exchange 2010 SP3 

What I have done
Run all updates.
Gone through all users email account and removed any email with attachments above 8MB.
Rebuilt all DB.
Uninstall then re-install run all updates add new account. 
Added to profile and set as default. 
Deleted preferences 
Deleted Auto saved files
New profile same machine (this worked for a short period of time) 

Nothing above made any differences,

The 13" macbook pro (my machine) was working fine until it was upgraded to 10.8 Outlook took on average 30 minutes to open, a word file would take anywhere between 5 minutes to never actually opening. 

I then brought a fusion drive and completely rebuilt the machine running 10.8, reinstalled Office 2011 ran all updates added my account to outlook and its been perfect ever since, I am now running 10.9 and all office apps seem to be working well with the exception of excel which really struggled until turing of WYSIWYG
now its fine. 

I have 2 other 13" macbook pro with the same 1 TB fusion drive installed running 10.8, one of these machines displays some of the above symptoms but no where near as bad, the other seems to be fine. 

I have read a few posts about this no one seems to have an answer, just wondering if anyone can help me get to the bottom of this issue. 

thank you 


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