I would like to know how to prevent a "bug" that has already forced me to reinstall Office 2011 for Mac.

My problem comes from the "smart folders" of theTasks section of Outlook.

After a minute, the order of my categories refresh itself (the list disappears and reappears) and my categories are in complete disorder.

I have already solved my problem with, in the past:
  • de-indexed and reindexed my folder "MS User Data"
  • reconstructed my identity
  • imported my identity a new identity
  • tested Outlook with another Mac OS X account
  • and finally completely reinstalled Office for Mac.

Could you advise me to avoid this error?
Rem.: I'm working with all options of synchronization enabled (OSX Lion and an iPod Touch from the 4th generation).
I'm using Office for Mac 14.2.1.

Thank you for your understanding and for your response.

PS: Currently, my smart folders with tasks are "buged" again ;(.
Sorry for my english i'm french.

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