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Split from this thread.

Not sure if this is the right thread to post my question to but here goes.

I had a problems with my Dell Inspiron 15 where windows updates would not install since January so, after four tries to fix it it still didn't work so, I did a refresh and some updates installed and some not. After the refresh I had to re-install Windows Live Mail which it worked and all files and folders were imported. Looked under properties for the file and folder size which matched up.

This week I did remove everything and start over under Recovery to reset to factory settings. I installed windows live mail two days ago everything went fine except windows live mail after the import under properties is giving me the wrong amount of files, folders are all there. I have a back up copy of all folders and emails on a large usb drive. The properties for the usb drive versus the amount under my windows live mail account under storage imported do not match up. I'm missing about 200 plus files according to the properties when I compare both. I've uninstalled windows essentials twice so far from programs and features. I need to know how to do a complete uninstall of windows live mail. To do this do I need to go into the registry to delete windows live mail or just from programs and features.

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