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Hi Jordan.
Thank you for your reply on error not allowing me to publish to You Tube. I googled Error 0x80048008  and solved this issue by deleting file   'wlidcli.dll'.

I was able to publish to You Tube.  This one that was successful was photo clips with audio.

However I have a saved live video from I Phone 7+ on my computer and added this to movie maker. I had 3 videos I wanted to edit and put together. have also tried now with just two clips series instead of 3. 

I have checked my verified live account is ok and I purchased the full version of windows live movie maker.  I click on programmes and choose either one that does the same...closes down on me...  Movie Maker and Windows Movie Maker.  I did originally have the version that comes with Windows 10 that is still there and also the one that says NEW Windows Movie Maker that I have just purchased the full version of.  Prior to purchase the problem still occurred.

I use Google Chrome mainly and Microsoft Edge as I have Windows 10

If I open a project - a screen comes up to restore last one or close. Each time Movie maker stops working and closes.

If I start a fresh new video it works allowing me to add credits etc until I save it as project. Then when I try to open it again same thing happens. Windows Movie Maker closes down.

My file is about 98.9MB 

Look forward to help on this one.


Pamela March


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