I have been using Snip & Sketch since early 2020 and I like it muchly (have some suggestions for improvement at another time and forum).

IS&S has always popped up a 'Preview' Window after capturing the screenshot, was always in my lower right Corner of the active S&S Snip,

which I had to Click on to be taken to the S&S Edit Window (Add highlighting, Menu Save & Save As, etc).  After several Window updates were applied by our System Admin, now when I capture a Snip .... nothing happens.  The screen sits there highlighted with no way to take it to the S&S Window for further actions.

I have tried Windows Repair on it and also Uninstall./Reinstall.

I am hoping this an S&S Option that somehow just got turned Off.

Any suggestions on how I get that Preview Window to return to showing up after a Snip is captured?



Note: I had to choose "Product" as "Messenger" because Snip & Sketch is not a Product under Category Windows Essentials ☹️

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