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Hello! I am using Movie Maker on images I've modified and resized using Photoshop CS4. They are are sized to fit in a 1920 px width by 1080 length. It's a little confusing when I play with the resolution in PS. Since I've scanned in many old-tyme family pictures and also using recent pictures taken with good cameras, the resolution varies.

Here is 1 problem. A few images display too big and cut off slightly in Movie Maker. I compare to ones that display correctly. They all have some dimensions and resolution. What can be causing this?

Here is the 2nd problem. 

There are some Animations in Movie Maker that I really like. However, some of my pictures show flickering edges within the image - especially when I try a slow pan-n-zoom. How can I prevent this?

I am saving as MP3 format for large display, high-definition. I need to complete this slide show that will be displayed on a huge projector screen at a special family affair.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. 

Thanks - Rhonda (June 30 2017)

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