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Hi there,


1)Actually my PC is on Win 10 Home (1903) updated 2 week ago . With this ocation I took the time to check with a  ms specialist these settings and Windows Defender reparation see case #1472828073.  The dificulty is each time I am speaking with other tech and the continuity and probably communication is a an issue.

2)Initially 2 weeks ago after Ms update my Win 10 system these folders were in MODE : Not shared

The security is necessary in this period for my financial files I am working with.

On 11 June 2019 I noticed some eencrypted files (11 financials files in Excel, Word and pdf) on my folder Documents. I checked in Property/Security and I noticed that this folder is in SHARE mode: \\B1SMDN44\Users\Test\Documents. I found also same settings (I NEVER SET) for Music, Video and Pictures folders.

 I am learning Win 10 Home and a try to set the right setting for my system trying to keep my finantial data secure.


a)      How I can put back the right mode Not Shared, as I NEVER shared / Music, Photos or Videos. I think this is a  security setings issue (TO share blindly)

b)      Also same for Network and Sharing Center (which are the reliably settings)

c)      Concerning SING IN Tring to setup MS account password using 2 steps method (which was working before) now I noticed that the VALIDATION option by Phone Call (last 4 digits) is not working too. Normally the phone has to give me the CODE: to be able to continue


WE checked with your specialist and the only issue was that not all UPDATES were installed ??

Best Regards,

Alex Oana

514 634 6411

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