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I get approximately 4 or 5 SCAM emails every day all wanting personal information, money, and offering large sums of money. I've managed to have all of these emails to junk box, but these emails are also mixed in with emails that are not junk and need to be moved to my inbox or just deleted. As a solution to this problem, I have attempted to create rules which delete some of the emails in my inbox which causes additional sorting problems and it seems that the SCAM emails get around any rules by changing an email address or the subject matter a bit. In addition, since all of these people sending SCAM emails or JUNK emails change their email addresses several times a day you will get several junk emails about the same thing which can't be blocked. Even though I take a great deal of time reporting the SCAM emails to the different branches of the government, including the FBI and reporting them to banks, Yahoo, Gmail, and etc. These SCAM emails keep coming with some saying my payment is past due when I have never contacted them and they have no idea of my name or anything about me. I have even reported these SCAM emails as PHISHING  and nothing ever is done about them. It seems like Microsoft who is supposed to be blocking them and all these other sites such as Yahoo, Outlook, Gmail and etc. should review these SPAM emails and delete these email addresses and not allow them to create additional email addresses. Also, the should contact their internet provider (IP Addresses appear in all emails) and have their accounts shout down. There is NO reason anyone should receive 5 - 10 SCAM emails per day. Also, these people should be fined and jailed. Our government is to busy spending billions investigating things that are meaningless. Since they have all the money they can afford to hire a few people to fix this.

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