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Had been using Windows Live Mail (version 2009 I think) on an old Windows XP PC, to reorganise email folders - renamed an important folder of family emails and photos on the PC, all the emails were there, but the folder was missing when used mail on the iPhone and ipad. 

Logged in to computer again (with wifi off), folder was still there with all the emails intact - thought turning wifi on and syncing would then restore the folder onto the server, and it would the. Be picked up on the iPhone etc.

Unfortunately the reverse happened - the folder and all the emails were deleted on the computer, and the emails are now nowhere to be found on the computer (I looked in the hidden WLM folder, and did a search on all .eml documents)

Can WLM on the server, be reset back to a few days ago (13 Apr)? I can't see any other way to recover everything, as it seems to have been overwritten on the computer (I also used "Mail Undelete Recovery toolbox" and the emails weren't found)

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