Somehow, a lot of subfolders in Storage Folders in WLM have become corrupted.  This seems to have happened when I upgraded Win 7 to Win 10 and rolled back to Win 7 again (for personal reasons).  Most folders now contain emails where, no matter which one is clicked on, the same content is shown.  I have found the uncorrupted folders on the C-drive, but I can't seem to get them back into WLM, where they belong.  Here's where they are:

C:usersSanApp DatalocalMicrosoftWindows Live MailStorage Folders (1)Recovered Items9-07-2015Storage Folders Imported Fo b29local foldersImported Fo 84eRecipes

Please provide detailed instructions.  It would be greatly appreciated (and my wife would experience inexpressible joy upon the recovery of her hundreds of cherished recipe emails!).


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