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Have spent 2 days browsing and trying solutions:  no joy.

Issue is that in order to gain disk space on PC I forgetfully moved the WLM Storage Folder (7.5GB) onto an external HDD - but am not sure I allowed enough time for everything to settle down / housekeeping etc.    On opening WLM to check email etc, all the storage folders had (understandably?) disappeared and the various linked accounts began downloading all the messages sitting on their servers into the relevant Inboxes etc.

1.  Attempted to recover matters by simply putting the Storage folder back where it was previously - no joy.

2. Tried exporting/importing - no joy.

3. Have now recovered some of the relevant folders by looking deep into folder structure but not the most recent versions.   In any case, when try and look in the folders that are recoverable simply get "0messages / 0 unread" ie no messages sitting within them.

How can I recover the storage folders as at the version of 2 days ago before I made the original error;  and how can I ensure the messages are in each folder as they used to be?


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