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I recently had an email account that I access via Live Mail hacked.  In working through that issue, AT&T tech support had me remove my Live Mail account name and add a new/replacement one.  She stated that this would not impact the inbox and sent box in Live Mail, but unfortunately, that was not correct and they are now empty (except for the last few days which have repopulated).

Is there a way to restore the inbox and sent box that were tied to the previous account?  I have attempted to go into the Windows Live Mail folder to restore to a previous restore point, but it tells me that there are no previous versions (screen shot attached).  I suspect the files are still there, but I need a different way of accessing them.

I try to backup the folders regularly, but my last backup is July 30 and I have some emails that I really need from within the last three months.

Thank you.

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