I purchased a surface pro 3 in March 2014.  The AC power cords of the Surface Pro 3 which has a "potential to cause fire and electric shock" was recalled sometimes around January 2016.  I just found out about this recall in an article on PC world after trying to trouble shoot some power supply issues that I recently experienced on my Surface Pro.  The recall notice specifies that I should have stopped using my surface pro immediately until the new part arrives, that was almost two years ago. My Surface Pro is registered with Microsoft and has been since the day of purchase.   Why is Microsoft not using the registry to notify its customer in a timely fashion of recalls, especially when they are as serious as this one.    Does Microsoft assumes responsibility if the lifespan of my Surface Pro is shortened as a result of  not having use the replacement part in a timely fashion?  These tablets are made for travel and they accompany travellers in fairly isolated areas where the failure of the power supplies on a device would be more than just a small inconvenience.  Microsoft is collecting a ton of information on its customers and I would like to know if they ever use that information for any purpose other than marketing.... I post this matter under "windows essential" as I am of the opinion that once a device has been registered with Microsoft, it should be "essential" for Microsoft to use the information in the registry to inform customers of product recalls in a timely fashion. 

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