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I have had to roll back windows-10-update-kb3206632 because my e-mail: "Windows Live Mail" froze and I was unable to open any e-mails to read or update or send any. This was a serious problem for me. The rollback, from my initial inspection, appears to have fixed this major problem. Please advise how I can properly report this problem against windows-10-update-kb3206632 and get a response about it.

Note, I tried to use Chat to ask this question, but I could not communicate with the person allocated to me.

Note, I know that I will need to move my substantial quantity of email off "Windows Live Mail" soon, otherwise I will be totally stuck.  However, this problem could affect many people with critical personal or business information that they need access to.  They need to be able to this even though support for "Windows Live Mail" formally ends in January 2017.  A significant period of minimal support to allow the apps to be used is needed.

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