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I have a tale full of woes. When MS upgraded (I  think it was a downgrade actually) Windows live mail (by the way I don't know why they call  the same for the web based program and the machine based) I did what was instructed in other threads to get WLM working again. I still have for more than a month after doing that 1) junk mail was split into 2 folders 1 called junk the other junk e-mail the email go into one or the other , I can't figure out on what basis.

2) very annoying the sent folder acts as a receiving folder on the header there is no to column there is only from, subject ,date instead of the way I had it originally to , subject, date , account. if I wan to find an email to particular I no way of finding it short of looking thru all the items. this one is ok in the web based live.

3) When I delete emails they disappear without a trace instead of going  to the deleted folder, if I delete by mistake I have no way of ever retrieving it .Here if I delete in in the web based live it goes into the deleted folder and I could also see it in WLM but not if I work in WLM it's very hard for me to work in the web based live. I am at my wit's end I beg for someone to help me.

One more problem, about the beginning of last month I out this same problem in another thread I was every looking day for a week to see if anyone answered until I lost my patience. Now I don't my reply anymore in that thread, but, I see that thread when I open my profile  and look for "my questions" I don't how it was deleted.

Thank you


PS I don't if I chose the right Email topic if not please forgive me


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