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This is my problem: I have 3 different accounts on my Mail app on Windows 10. 

1- Personal (Gmail)

2- Business#1 (Gmail)

3- Business#2 (Private server)

Each account has been set up with a different name, so the mail name display accordingly, however, I've been noticing that all emails are going with the same name, sometimes wrong; with that being said, sometimes I send an e-mail to one of my customers with Business#1 but he gets the mail under my personal name or my Business#2 name.  I have already tried deleting and re-configuring all the accounts several times, changing my main user account configuration and following all the "possible" solutions online (most of them really outdated). 

I refuse to pay$49 for a one time consultation with Microsoft customer support. It really amaze me, for bad, how bad this is in times where companies are competing to offer the best customer service and support experience. I need HELP with this PLEASE!


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