Dear Madam/Sir, I created a hotmail accoun in 1996 but I hardly ever used it. In fact, as far as I know, the last time I got an (non-junk) email was in 2010 and the last time I sent an email was in 2003. I am now keen on starting to use it frequently but I'm having problems logging in. In the first place, I'm not sure about the password and when I tried some passwords I thought were correct it didn't work (now I'm getting a "You've tried to sign in too many times with an incorrect email address or password." message). So in order to retrieve my password I filled in an "account verification form". I filled in a couple of these forms but I got the message "our automated system has determined that the information you provided was not sufficient for us to validate your account ownership". The problem is that because I haven't used this account for such a long time -and I barely used it back then anyway- there's hardly any information to fill in the form and the little there may be I don't remember it all (eg, there're no 'recently' sent emails, I probably never created any folders or just very few which I cannot remember, there's no billing information, etc). What I do have, though, is some of the last emails that were sent to or from the hotmail account that I'm trying to get back into. I hope this is sufficient in order for me to be able to access my account again? If so, please let me know how I should proceed in order to send those emails over as proof that I am the owner of this email account. Many thanks in advance.

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