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Dear Sirs.

I was running a Win7 Professional desktop using WLM on a POP3 basis email account.

I did upgrade to a new Win10 Home desktop and since than my WLM does not receive nor send any e-mails.

All my e-mails in the Received and Sent boxes are restored but when I wanted to check for new e-mails it won't work anymore.

I get an error code 0x800C013E

At the same time I got a new laptop with Win 10 Home, so I have installed th Polish version of WLM2012 on it, imported all my messages from the desktop computer and the WLM operates excellent.

After that I removed the whole Windows Essentials from the desktop computer and installed it again but it wouldn't help, I see all the old messages but, when checking for new messages the error code remains the same.

All the server's settings etc. are the same like on my laptop (for the laptop I took them from the desktop).

Please help, I'm so used to the WLM.

My best regards, 

Jerzy Zabicki

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