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Hi all,

I'm using a Sony VAIO laptop built in late 2011 and bought in January 2012. It runs Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit and the graphics card has always been weak but I was sure it would run Movie Maker based out of a Windows Live Essentials 2012 download. I have tried a few different copies from different download sites (running my malware scanners afterwards in case of "extras" thrown in), and even the links pointed to on this forum do the same thing: they install Photo Viewer and Movie Maker just fine, and Photo Viewer opens fine, but Movie Maker doesn't open. I keep getting an error message that Movie Maker can't start and to make sure my computer meets the minimum requirements and try to update the driver for my video card if that doesn't work. I went into my Device Manager and the display section insists my driver is the most recent one. I'm wondering if I need to roll something back or if my misadventures in getting Bluetooth to work with an adapter have done something with the drivers I didn't intend. Looking at the specs required for Movie Maker on some of the download sites and comparing them with a dxdiag readout, it looks like I have higher specs than needed to run the program, but I keep getting the error message. I'm still very much a noob, so I'm wondering if I'm looking at the wrong specs or something. If I were to post whatever specs or driver info is needed to verify, could someone let me know if my laptop just can't run Movie Maker? Thank you kindly in advance for your time, anyone who answers, I appreciate the guidance.

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