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 My .eml messages have ALL had the OUTLOOK icon added to them in C:\Users\name\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows Live Mail ! Does this mean my WLM 1012 on my PC-Windows 10 Build 1909 has become fundamentally corrupted?

Here is an example:

I AM able to open them in WLM 2012 but I wonder if I should RE-INSTALL my WLM 2012 before I continue to move over additional UNCORRUPTED data that had become dis-associated from a properly-working Mail.MSMessageStore that is all now stored on a different SATA-enclosed hard-drive "D."


 Please note that when I successfully read .eml data stored on that "D" drive,those emails (understandably)displayed the icon pictured above too.

This is my first follow-up to the problem I described on October 8,2012:"Restoring WLM 2012 data storage after an 'overload.' " If moderators consider this properly placed within that thread,kindly re-place my query. Hopefully with a response too!

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