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The doctor also says appropriate printer software is now installed.

HP Printing support tech. remotely identifies Windows Function Discovery Service is missing from my computer.

The computer fails to activate New Printer when an instruction to print or scan is sent to the printer. The printer of course is switched on. This is highly disturbing as the printer is a key part of my computer operation.

Opening Microsoft Community information indicates that a Printer Driver is available for Windows 8.

My very good computer has 44 GB of hard disk drive space still available. ..It had Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 added in 2015, subsequently 8 software updates. It also had a previous Windows XP SP3 compatibility Pack added. This all very suitable for the New HP DJ 2130 now installed, also quoted on the box container when printer purchased, -also suitable for Windows 10 later( beginning of 2022).

Please can you have my Desk Top computer capable to instruct this new installed printer, urgently as extremely frustrating. If it is done remotely by your technician, please advise the earliest New Zealand date and time for my computer to be made available.

Many thanks. Please acknowledge received.

Roger L. Conway

16 Lynmouth Avenue, Karori, Wellington, New Zealand.  Email: *** Email address is removed for privacy ***

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