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I'm able to login to http://live.com via the web browser, but cannot get a successful login via my email client , Claws Mail. Exactly the same username and password.

Yet I can successfully use POP3 (in Claws) to get emails from GMail, Yahoo, our ISP, and a number of other email servers ??

I am using pop3.live.com and port 995 , as per Microsoft documentation. Have tried changing it to pop-mail.outlook.com:995 , but same error. Using a SSL/TLS connection.

The Microsoft Exchange POP3 service states it is ready, gives an "OK" on the username, but fails on the password ..

2020-09-04 07:41:20] POP> PASS ********
[2020-09-04 07:41:25] POP< -ERR Logon failure: unknown user name or bad password.
*** error occurred on authentication
*** Authentication failed.

Yet the password is exactly the same as the password used to login to http://live.com via a web browser.  There were some posts (about 4 years old) that suggested there is a setting in my Microsoft account to "allow" POP, yet I cannot find that option ??

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