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Problem with Windows Photo Gallery- Original Title

I am unable to import all of my photos from my iPad mini to computer using Windows Gallery.  It used to work perfectly when I was using Windows 7.  I don't know what is wrong with it now that my version is Windows 10.  I have 9128 photos in my camera roll on my iPad mini.  When I try using "import" in Photo Gallery, it won't import all of them like it used too.  The first time it only imported 2551.  I called Apple and asked them what to do and the tech had me try importing again.  This time it imported 4514, still leaving 2063 photos still left on my iPad that have not been imported.  I did not check erase after importing because I didn't want to lose any of them.  The second time I went to import my photos, it started right with the jpg number it left off at and then imported until the error occurred again.  If I do it a third time importing the last 2063, I don't see how I am going to remove the original 9128 from my iPad once I am done.  It will take forever to delete them manually.  Photo Gallery won't recognize there are anymore left to be imported once I import the final 2063, thus I won't be able to import them again so that I can checkmark the erase when finished importing.

Please help me.  There is a problem with my Photo Gallery that needs to be fixed.  I don't want to call and spend a lot of money talking to a tech on the phone,  just to figure out what causing this malfunction.

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