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I have this insanely frustrating problem where when opening an image with Photos app, every like second opened image just goes black screen (dark mode, would be white screen in light mode) and the app stops responding.

The only way of fixing it TEMPORARILY is 1. resetting the app in Apps & Features or 2. going window mode (square button) then closing (X) which takes around 10 seconds because it is not responding, then opening an image - this sometimes opens the image instead of the black screen.

Both of the "fixes", especially the "reset" one that is thrown around every single thread about this issue - is only a fix for like 2 image opens. Then the issue repeats. I don't want to keep going to apps & features and resetting Photos every single time this occurs.

It's been an issue for over 2 months now. Multiple windows updates didn't help. Reinstalling Photos app via PowerShell didn't help. The windows store troubleshooter also not. Display drivers have no correlation to the issue. What can I do?

Thanks in advance.

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