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Why are major software giants phasing out popular software programs like those in Windows Essentials, namely Photo Gallery and Movie Maker?  The excuse offered is that they have ended their life cycle, apparently meaning they've had it for a period of time that was predetermined at the beginning.  I bought a new computer with Windows 10, expecting to just transfer everything over from my old computer.  These applications were stripped out of the OS.  Not a happy experience.  Is it really just time that's important?  Microsoft, why do you not consider the popularity of a program or app before doing away with it?  Yes, other software providers also do the same thing (consider Picasa from Google).  New programs that don't offer the same ease of use or functionality can really be a pain.

If a popular program is phased out, it should have a fully functional replacement, so people with hundreds or thousands of hours of work saved, will still be able to access their work and not lose any functionality.

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