My son requires additional security on his xbox gold account... to do this he has to log on to his live account... to do this he requires parental permission... which I am happy to give... but I must then prove that I am an adult by making a small credit card payment... but when it asks me for a billing address it won't allow me to enter my UK address... I have learned that this is because my son's account was incorrectly set up as a US account (default?). I have been told that to solve this I must log in to my son's account and change his home address... but I cannot do this because it won't let anyone access it before it gets parental permission... Catch 22... Has anyone got a solution for me?? I am tearing my hair out in frustration (it took a week for Microsoft to come up with the solution above)... and there seems to be no one to talk to at the company to find a solution...

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