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Average English speakers never understand why people need a input method sometimes. People write in a non-latin alphabet system like Russian or Korean, or in a non-English Latin alphabet system like Germany or French adjust the keyboard layout slightly when they type. When their alphabet have more than 26 letters, they need a letter combination. In some alphabet writing systems like Uyghur or traditional Mongolian in which a single letter change its form in defferent parts of the word(initial form/ coda form/ middle form). This changes usually occur in font. In a language which was not writen in alphabet, we need a input method to input Chinese characters. Sometimes we have to input some Unicode character frequently, like linguistic input IPA sometimes. We need a DIY keyboard layout and a DIY input method.


Attach your QWERTY-keys (or key-combinations)to a Unicode character(s)(DIY keyboard layout)(maybe we can add a showcard of the unicode characters you've already type in)


Attach your Unicode character combinations to a word in your vocabulary pool(DIY input method)(Microsoft might have a model vocabulary pool like that, so that users could use it without much changes)

Most languages only have to do the STEP ONE. But Mandarin Chinese only do the STEP TWO. We can also do both step one and two to create a input method to type Japanese or some other Sinitic languages or even acient Chinese.

One important news to tell you that now Mandarin Chinese is the fastest typing languages all over the world. Some type 2 times faster than we normally speak. That is the work of vocabulary pool and input method.  We can type a complete sentence without a break of blank space. The whole sentence came out immediately. If English or any other languages build up a input method with a vocabulary pool and sentence pool. The typing speed will accelerate immediately!

RIME did a good work for DIY. But it‘s too difficult for common people.


I hope Microsoft will make a breakthrough!

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I ant find my micro card on my card reader
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I reset my password but someone used my account tovadd people and remove others using my name - although i reset it- which is illegal and considered as a total violation to my privacy. 

I need clarification on whi can do thus and how to know him?

And how could it have happened although i changed my password.

Microsoft Teams for schools - educator

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Windows Live Mail 2012 works on my 2016 WINDOWS 10 laptop, but not on my desktop converted to windows 10, WHY???

I'm an 80 year old retired veteran and who would like finish my time on earth with windows live mail 2012. 

PLEASE HELP ME MAKE IT WORK! That windows mail collector on 10 is next to worthless, with no way to add folders and such.


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no me funciona la salida de vga no encuentro mi targeta de video 
 when i go to play minecraft on my ps4 multiplayer it tells me i have to go to this website then change something in the privacy and it doesnt even work olease helo me
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I am trying to get meetings organised and I don't want to feel I have to press meet now.  I want to be able to schedule it at a good time for the group but I can't find the calendar tab that the training tells me is available.
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Dear Sirs.

I was running a Win7 Professional desktop using WLM on a POP3 basis email account.

I did upgrade to a new Win10 Home desktop and since than my WLM does not receive nor send any e-mails.

All my e-mails in the Received and Sent boxes are restored but when I wanted to check for new e-mails it won't work anymore.

I get an error code 0x800C013E

At the same time I got a new laptop with Win 10 Home, so I have installed th Polish version of WLM2012 on it, imported all my messages from the desktop computer and the WLM operates excellent.

After that I removed the whole Windows Essentials from the desktop computer and installed it again but it wouldn't help, I see all the old messages but, when checking for new messages the error code remains the same.

All the server's settings etc. are the same like on my laptop (for the laptop I took them from the desktop).

Please help, I'm so used to the WLM.

My best regards, 

Jerzy Zabicki

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Multiple similar names come up in address box when trying to send e-mail, 

VERY VERY dangerous  because it is too Easy to send e-mail to complete stranger with same name!!!

What can be done about this problem.   

 Any suggestions will be welcome.  

thank you  ..silvana

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Hi guys 

I had desktop purchased with windows 10 and it had McAfee antivirus program. I uninstalled with a specific Mcafee uninstall toll, then after i can't start windows defender and I tried every possible way on the internet so if you have any effective solution please help