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Last night,  3/6/2021,  i received the push notification of a new Microsoft Update for my Windows 10 desktop.   The notification stated to restart my pc to install the update.

NO BIG DEAL i thought.


I did a RESTART,  and what Microsoft called an UPDATE actually  TOOK AN HOUR TO INSTALL .............?

After the INSTALL,  back at the Desktop Screen,  i was greeted with a message staing "WELCOME TO YOUR NEW WINDOWS OS".... ??????

So,  apparently the UPDATE was to install a whole new version of the Windows 10 OS...........

Nice of Microsoft to let me know.

Then i hit the problem.

I went to check my email via Microsoft Windows Live Mail (essential 2012) and this is what happens:

---  Emails DO DOWNLOAD on all of my accounts,  AOL, AT&T, and GMAIL...    (but download only)



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how do I remove windows live mail from my pc using windows 10
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I'm currently having issues with audio not working for MP4 files im editing withing Windows Video Editor.

I have listed here the settings that I use to record with which previously had had audio and have worked when both in the editor and exported. Now there is no sound with either.

I have also imported a previous video I have made and that worked just fine both in the editor and as a new export.

Nothing has changed with my settings since the last working video I made, and I also do have the windows HEVC app too.

Please Help

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The results show a strange icon, even though Win 8.1 is set with Live Mail as default for .eml files.  When I try to open one of the emails by selecting or reselecting Live Mail in the drop down options of "Open", "Open with" or Properties, it doesn't work.  However, if I go to Control Panel/Programs/Windows Essentials/Repair all Window Essential programs, and run it, the problem is temporarily fixed.  Then when I run search, the results display an envelope icon, and when I click on it, the email opens.

This does not reoccur each time I restart the PC, just irregularly.

Any help most welcome.


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I have downloaded windows live mail in my pc, I gave all the info my email, password, IMAP Server and Port, SMTP server and port and I always get an error saying non-internet error maybe ram error or something when I have enough ram 4GB etc

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I have a Dell XPS laptop which is less than 6 months old. I've been using the default mail app to check my outlook, gmail, and school-specific email address. These had all been all been working perfectly until one day I randomly stopped being able to view the emails within my inboxes. The accounts still show up when I open the app but when I click on them to view my inbox, it shows up as completely blank or just loads until eventually crashing the app. I still get notifications when an email arrives in one of these accounts on my laptop and can view them fine on other devices. I have not received or opened any emails from outside sources, so I'm confident it isn't a virus. Nothing else on my computer has been impacted. I have restarted and updated my computer, but the Mail app now either won't open or opens and crashes as soon as I try to read any mail. It's a major inconvenience to not be able to view any mail on my laptop and any help would be appreciated.
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web cam doesnt work 0xA00F4244<NoCamerasAreAttached>
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Hi, Can anyone help with login and error message with windows live mail. on Friday after a talktalk outage issue my main account would not authorise the login and password kept appearing and the error message at end is 0x800CCC92. I tried amending password through properties and other suggested solutions but still can't get past this problem, the other users came alright after initially failing but the main one seemed to have a whole box of asterisks in the password so reckon this is where the problem was and changed it back through Properties but without success. Any suggestions ?

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* Original title: Windows Live Mail log in/password issue.

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Does Microsoft have a program/product to replace "picture it premium 10" they no longer support?