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Says Microsoft account doesn't exist then when i press create one and put in the same email it says sign into to and says theres an account. Then i vlick forgot password and get the code and put it in. And it shows 2 emails of mine and i tried both and they come up with the error code 0x80048820
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Hi Running windows 10 and windows email 2012. Password has been changed (for whatever reason? 3 days ago) and I cannot log into the emails. Keep getting the popup asking for a p/w but doesnt accept any p/w, either new or old. Went into the various areas to change the settings/mail p/w but it wont match them and again, it doesnt matter which one I use or try to match.Found the directory/file that shows all the passwords for all the apps on the computer but ofc it doesnt show any windows related ones. Cannot find the directory/file that is in Windows thru DOS/command promptDont really want to u
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Can't find any useful documentation about using video clips on Video Editor. Happy to be pointed in right direction please...1) How can I use different music across a video that is made of multiple video clips. If I apply 'background music' to one clip, it overwrites all clips to same background music.2) How can I control the volume of the same background music at different points in the video?3) how to insert short sounds/audio without it becoming the continuous background?4) I'd like to use the stock audio to do this, without having to upload custom music. Is this really not possible? Ca
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Please need help, because Movie Maker said YouTube returned a bad response. Please try again.
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I am looking for a way to improve the quality of my video.I have recorded a sims 3 video on OBS and it looked fine when I watched it back, I put a test clip into WMM and exported it to see quality and colour, the quality had dropped significantly from the OBS video, no matter what format I exported it in. It's on high quality with 60fps and I can't find any other setting to enhance the quality further.Is there anything I can do?Thanks.
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How do I fix error code 0x8007045a This is the second time it froze up and would not let me open the program up.
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I recently upgraded from build 1809 to resolve 3 primary issues: 1. my build was out of service, 2. Windows Update not working correctly, 3. Access to the Microsoft Store not working correctly. Following the upgrade I've noticed the following problems (so far):1. Windows Defender intermittently does not recognise that my Third Party AntiVirus provider is active.2. I use the Windows Live Mail component of Windows Essentials. There was some corruption, because (a) I received a message stating that the database was being recovered every time I accessed the program, (b) there was significant dupli
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Dzień Dobry!Mam pewien problem, z pobraniem Windows Movie Maker 2012.Jak na załączonym obrazku, to mi się pokazuje. Słyszałem że WMM został usunięty z listy rzeczy które można pobrać, jednak na innym sprzęcie mogę pobrać ten program. Mam inne programy do montażu, jednakże ten jest mi szczególnie potrzebny.Pozdrawiam
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Hello all,Recently I observed that when I open my pictures on windows photoviewer or photos (both default win10 software), the photo loose their saturation drastically just within fraction of seconds. The pics were fine earlier and still look fine on Google Photos. This is something I observed recently. Also, the photo retain their natural sauration if I open them on Paint (obv not a great idea to go through pics).Please help me to fix this.Thanks,Abhi17-Jul-2021
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Hi,I have an issue with the sync of my Junk mail in Windows Mail app. My inbox mail are getting properly synced but my junk mail is always showing empty even after I delete a mail. I use a gmail account and in the gmail app i can see my junk mail but not in the Windows Mail app.In the Junk section it states that 'Nothing Has Arrived' even after deleting a mail.