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Hi i have curious problem. i have a problem with printing, the photos are yellow. First i thought it would be the printer, so i ran a cleaning printhead job, and did a testpages. everthing looked normal. But when i print the same photo with the standard printing software from windows or photoviewer the photo was printed again with yellowish shade. just out of curiousity i tryed the same photo in paint and GIMP , and the colours are accurate. 

so the problem is with the windows printing software , can i update/remove/install these software packages ???

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I upgraded Windows 10 and now I can neither send or receive my email on Windows Live Mail.

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I've just made a small clip 50 seconds in movie maker but I cannot publish it on onedrive
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I'm testing out Windows Mail and Calendar as a way to sync my Google Calendar with the desktop. Every time I go to send a calendar invite if it does go through at all it takes 30 minutes to send.  Is there a way to adjust how often messages are sent and received? 

Only thing I can find on my Windows 10 is how to set them to be received as soon as they come in. How do I say to send mail immediately as well or at a specific interval?

well what happens is that after i download the utorrent or bitorrent in my pc. when i try to click the setup for those two they load a little bit then nothing happens, its not opening or responding after i click the  setup for them. I search for the internet. but none of them works tho. pls help me in this problem, i also saw people in youtube tutorials that they're having the same issues as me. please help me and thank you for the response in my issue thank you.
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So in the Video Editor you can add animated text to a video but is it possible to not have it animated? I just want to have plain text show up in some different clips that I have on my storyboard and if it has to be animated I'll just use third-party software.

Edit: It is possible to remove the animation by making the text last for about 2 seconds because the animation takes about a second to play out but I don't wanna have to chop up all of my clips into two second intervals.

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I've just imported a bunch of photos and videos from my iPhone to Photos. The photos are OK, but all the videos have imported with the incorrect date. When I right click on a video and choose "Change Date", I get an error message "Couldn't change the date of item". There's no reason given! Any idea how I can change the date to the creation date rather than import date of the video?
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For the website work, i had to visit multiple sites and had installed multiple software which increased virus inflow to my computer. So, i installed microsoft windows essential however, now my PC has become so slow and gets hanged often. 
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Since 13th September I have been unable to access my emails via Live Mail 12.

1) I have been unable to download emails from my POP accounts, and get the error message:

Unable to send or receive messages for the Main email account. An unknown error has occurred.

Server: 'mail.madasafish.com'
Windows Live Mail Error ID: 0x800C013E
Protocol: POP3
Port: 110
Secure(SSL): No

2) I have been unable to read gMail emails which have downloaded. In each one, the reading pane displays the message:

Message could not be displayed

Windows Live Mail encountered an unexpected problem while displaying this message. Check your computer for low memory or low disk space and try again.

3) I cannot send emails. I get the error message:

The email could not be sent. A problem has occurred. Please try again.

There is plenty of disk space and memory.

All problems started after 13th September, so it's not a problem external to my PC. I seem to remember it was after an OS update, but there isn't an update on that date or the day after listed in the Control Panel.

How do I get my emails back? Any help appreciated. Thank.

Hello. My first windows laptop has gone long before, so has my old email account etc. (too bad I didn't write it down somewhere). So, I was wondering if there's a legal database where we can search our old msn messenger or windows live messenger contacts by usernames. Thanks a lot.