I have this morning lost all sight of and access to a folder and its subfolders in Outlook for Mac 2011 v14.6.3 and OSX 10.11.4. I've had no problems up until today.

The files are still being received on my Macbook - the alert comes up on screen and the .olk files still show and can be read from within Finder with the path username/documents/microsoft user data/Office 2011 identities/ Main Identity / Data Records / Messages. 

The host server is still acting normally, and files are being received on my iPhone and iPad as usual. 

So the problem appears to be in restoring visibility of the folder within Outlook, at least to my limited view. I've checked View / Navigation Pane but that's working normally for all other files; I've searched trash and deleted items folders; and I'm stuck.  

Any suggestions would be welcome. 

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