Hi all,

I am having a very strange issue with Outlook at the moment, and hope someone has a solution...

I've used Office for Mac for a long time and Outlook is used every day for both personal and business use. I have a total of 6 mailbox accounts linked to it, 1 POP and 5 IMAP and have never had any real issues at all until now. This issue has caused me to stop using Outlook until I can get a solution.

I initially open Outlook and am presented with all the correct folders, etc. I am prompted to accept the certificates from the external IMAP gateways and so on.. No problems... However if I press the Send/Receive button strange things start to happen! Firstly and most importantly, all my IMAP emails disappear from the grouped inbox, and all I see is my POP emails. Plus I have no access to the inboxes of any go my IMAP emails!!

It happens every time and i've tried a database rebuild and even a full install of Office, but it still does it..

Any ideas?

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