How can I customise the contact address format.  In the UK the initial part of the address may take several lines (e.g. house name, estate name, street name).  It would be OK if you could multi-line e.g. the 1st field but you can't even do that (as the Mac built-in address book allows).  So I need to either add fields or multi-line fields before it can work

I was forced to urgently purchase this software because of price increases (i.e. beak MS changing their US$ to GB£ to 1=1 !!).  And I have to say, Outlook is an embarrassment to MS.  I seem to be spending ages reporting bug after bug on the feedback form, but these are more of a nuisance and annoyance than stopping functionality.  It is the lack of functionality (functionality that was often in Entourage) that is the main problem.  It is marginally unworkable but as it could not even import my Apple Mail accounts and messages that took a full day to do manually so I'm going to persevere.  It's not like it's a just released product either I(where one has to be tolerant of "issues").

So help sorting out these things would be much appreciated as I have a lot invested (in terms on money and time).

(Latest Lion OS and updated Office 2011 as of 26 June 2012 on Macbook 13" with free RAM and 40% disk space free).

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