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I have a Microsoft account I opened to set up my email address and am happily using.  I access my outlook email via Windows Live Mail and I also receive and send emails via my apple devices.  

I want to set up another email address to use separately from the 1st outlook.com email address I have.  The 2nd email address needs to be separate from the 1st ie not an alias.  I want to receive and send emails like I do now via Windows Live Mail and on my iPhone - is this possible?.  I would prefer IMAP to do this as I believe it is more secure - is that the case?

1. to make this work will I need to open an additional Microsoft account to set up and run this 2nd outlook.com email address?

(please note I have found setting up an alias of my first email address in the one account does not work so don't want to go this route).

2. If I set up a separate account for a 2nd email address would it then be possible to set up to receive and send mails via Windows Live Mail and on my apple devices or would the server reject one or the other or both logins being as it would be 2 separate outlook.com accounts and emaiils?

What do you advise?  please help I've tried everything else.

Looking forward to a step my step approach guys



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