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  I have been having problems with Windows Live Mail for several weeks. I can receive mail fine but cannot reply, forward or create e-mails. I get a pop-up box that an unexpected problem occurred within the program. This is not a sending e-mails problem because I cannot even get to the point of creating one. I had been using Windows Live Mail since I upgraded to Windows 10 with no problems until then. I have uninstalled Windows Essentials 2011 and replaced it with 2012- no help. I have double checked my earthlink settings- no help. I have run the fix program in the control panel- no help. I have added in a gmail account to see if it was an earthlink or POP3 issue- no help.  I have clicked on the run as administrator- no help. I have posted a request for help and I never even got e-mails to notify me of a reply- and the replies did not help.

  No one seems to have the answer.

  So my question is, what other programs are there to import several e-mail accounts into one place? Does Outlook Express still exist?

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