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I  am creating albums in Onedrive using Chrome to improve the display of photos on android tablets and phones.

The Date Taken attributes of the photos are sensible for 1996 photos which I scanned in 2013 I've just changed them.

However the 1996 album appears in the middle of the 2004 albums and a quick experiment suggests that the albums are sorted by last-modified or create-date.

I can see that often this would be what one wanted - ie. I've just come back from holiday or a family party, create an album and it's first on screen. But in my circumstances it's a nuisance. I can generally create my albums starting with the oldest photos, but here I must have tinkered with the 1996 album after creating the other 2004 ones or maybe I created the 1996 album after some 2004 ones I can't remember.

Can anyone confirm my hypothesis?

Is it possible to modify the attribute on which albums are sorted?

I'm not prepared to delete all post 1996 albums and then re-create them just to fix the sorting.

Equally a sort album by name would be helpful as I am starting each album name with the year.

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