I have recently received the "You are currently signed in with an Office 365 email account, which can't be used with Outlook.com" error message.  I tried the steps listed in the pinned discussion, which did not help me.  The first time I logged in to Office 365 everything was fine.  I could not log in the next day.  Now every time I try to log in to Office 365 I have to use the "audio" captcha because the text method is broken (always says you entered the wrong characters). When I enter the audio characters and click "Sign In" the page is redirected to outlook.com (which is where I encountered the first error message).  This email was issued as a .edu email through a college of which I am an alumni of.  I did not receive any change notifications from the college nor Microsoft.  Please help, this is my primary email address that has been non-accessible for weeks. 

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