I have the Microsoft Office 2011 downloaded 2/16 on my Mac. Was using the Outlook for Mac option until last week when one of the companies I consult for downloaded their Outlook Exchange on my computer and I can no longer get into Outlook (the logo comes up and doesn't load) to work with my other accounts.

I am told with the Mac version of Office, I should be able to access Outlook, but I cannot. I have spent a day where I should be making money trying to work with a few folks who cannot help me - a Microsoft store employee told me to use IE to download a repair. The Microsoft folks in the Philippines hung up on me twice and then told me I had to go to an Exchange page and it hung up on me again.

Do I buy a new version? Should I have Home Office version? That would then delete the programs on my family computers (it's a 5 pack). Any assistance or understandable (I have not always been able to understand the computer speak) directions will be most appreciated.

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