On Friday the 27th of February, my Outlook 2011 for Mac would crash opening opening.  I have had this occur in the past when the Mail in the Outlook folders grows too large (in my case 24 GB).  When trying to rebuild the Identity and Folders from Main Identity on the Time Machine, only 9 GB was saved in the Main Identity.  The folders containing the emails were saved in a file called Last Identity backed up which was also on the Time Machine which was 24 GB.  Trying to rebuild the identity from the Last Identity folder failed, regardless of how far back in time I went (I went as far back as a file from December 2014 when the Main Identity was 8 GB and the Last Identity was 23 GB).  The Microsoft help desk was phenomenal going through multiple identity creations and rebuilds, only to have the 9 GB Main Identity rebuild, but not the Last Identity.  When trying to rebuild this, Outlook reverted to Main Identity so I am unable to rebuild my folders.

Does this sound familiar and has anyone found a way to rebuild an Outlook file that is so large (2 years worth of emails)?

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